Counselor · Cunning and Clever · Divine · Erratic and Unpredictable · God · Guardian · Harmless · Helpful · Kind · Prophetic · Yokai


Tengu literally means heavenly dog. They are considered as a Kami. There are two types of Tengus: The Daitengu and the Karasu Tengu. The Daitengu is humanoid with a red face, a long nose and a pair of wings while the Karasu Tengu  either has a crow’s head and a human body, has a pair… Continue reading Tengu

Divine · God · Kind · Yokai


The dragon lantern. It is said that this yokai inhabits the sea or bodies of water. Ryuto is a divine light phenomenon that appears on serene nights. Although they appears to be glowing light sorbs forming into a dragon, they are not hot or does not burn.