Carnivorous · Helpful · Kind · Onryo · Shapeshifter · Spirit · Vengeful Spirit · Yokai


Inugami literally means dog god. Inugamis are dogs that has been starved to death, decapitated and then buried on crossroads. They come back as an onryo (vengeful spirit.) This kind of ritual is made by their masters for them to become an Inugami, to be obedient again despite of  being deprived of food. The preserved… Continue reading Inugami

Apathetic · Curse · Dangerous and Menacing · Demon · Devious and Deceptive · Erratic and Unpredictable · Onryo · Vengeful Spirit · Yokai


Onryo’s are vengeful spirits (Yurei). These spirits seeks vengeance for the horrible deaths they’ve suffered caused by another person. They hold grudges for a long time. They are so powerful and inflict harm or kill anyone. Onryo haunts and curses the people that caused their deaths. The curse can be passed or transmitted to another… Continue reading Onryō