Carnivorous · Helpful · Kind · Onryo · Shapeshifter · Spirit · Vengeful Spirit · Yokai


Inugami literally means dog god. Inugamis are dogs that has been starved to death, decapitated and then buried on crossroads. They come back as an onryo (vengeful spirit.) This kind of ritual is made by their masters for them to become an Inugami, to be obedient again despite of  being deprived of food. The preserved dog is kept at the back of its master’s house, under the bed etc., hidden from everyone.

Inugamis are disguised as a normal dog with human clothing but in reality they are decapitated mummified dog’s head.

The Inugami is loyal to their masters and will do their master’s wish obediently.

They only betray their masters if they are severely mistreated.


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