Carnivorous · Helpful · Kind · Onryo · Shapeshifter · Spirit · Vengeful Spirit · Yokai


Inugami literally means dog god. Inugamis are dogs that has been starved to death, decapitated and then buried on crossroads. They come back as an onryo (vengeful spirit.) This kind of ritual is made by their masters for them to become an Inugami, to be obedient again despite of  being deprived of food. The preserved… Continue reading Inugami

Apathetic · Carnivorous · Cunning and Clever · Dangerous and Menacing · Erratic and Unpredictable · Harmful · Yokai

Umi nyobo

This dangerous yokai inhabits the ocean. They also resembles the Ningyo but the Umi nyobo can also live on the land for a few days. They prey on humans but it was believed that they also show kindness to humans. They can look like a regular person but when you look closely, they have fishlike… Continue reading Umi nyobo