Apathetic · Curse · Dangerous and Menacing · Devious and Deceptive · Yokai


Oiwa is an Onryō.

It was said that Oiwa’s story is a real life event.

Once there was a samurai named Iemon married to the beautiful Oiwa. They were poor and Oiwa was contented with their situation while Iemon was not. He hated Oiwa for having a miserable life with her. Oiwa fell ill after giving birth to their child. Time passed and Iemon met a granddaughter of a wealthy doctor, and she fell in love with him. The grandfather suggested that they should get rid of Oiwa, so Iemon and his granddaughter can get married. They gave OIwa a medicine to cure all her illnesses, not knowing that it was actually a poison. The ”medicine” made Oiwa’s face disfigured. Oiwa knows something bad was happening to her face but she was so poor that she cannot even afford a mirror. Iemon insulted Oiwa and felt disgusted with how she looked. Ieman realized that the poison they gave her was not working, so he sent a servant to seduce Oiwa. The servant felt sorry for Oiwa so he told her his husband’s plans and gave her a mirror. She cut her throat with the servant’s samurai and cursed her husband with her last breath. Oiwa haunted Iemon until he died. The last face he saw was Oiwa’s.

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