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The ugly female oni or kijo from the land of the dead. They look like ugly women that wears layered colorful kimonos. They have big wild smile, they make their teeth colored black, they have pointed ears, saggy breasts, they have monstrous paws and claws and long hair. The Shikome loves putting on excessive make up that makes them even uglier.

The legends says that The Shikome was the servant Izanami sent to capture Izanagi when he broke his promise.

Izanagi went to the underworld when his wife, Izanami, died because of childbirth. Izanami made him promise to never bring light to the underworld. Izanagi grew impatient waiting for Izanami’s return and broke his promise. He brought light and saw Izanami’s rotting face. She went furious and sent the Shikome to capture his husband.

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